Called by God, purpose-driven, engaged in long hours of discussing vision, future, excellence, the purpose and God’s motivation for the creation of spiders, and various pet-peeve. all fueled by (strong) coffee.

this Leadership Team is proud to call Take Heart Church ‘home’.


Josh and Bridget Trammell - Lead Pastor

Josh had the privilege of planting Take Heart Church on February 21, 2016 and serves as the Lead Pastor. He met and married the love of his life, Bridget shortly afterwards, and together they have two girls – Hallie and Haven.

Josh grew up in the Greenville SC area, and in 1999 he and his family moved to Anderson to help plant a church at which he would later become the Youth Pastor. “I am most motivated by seeing people become who God has called them to be. I am big believer that God has a huge purpose for each of us, that no one is a mistake. Seeing people not only come to Christ, but to find their purpose in Him is what my ministry is centered on.” I most closely relate to the THC Core Value of “Love, as it is the foundation of them all.”

Josh’s favorite season is fall (because of Clemson football!), however considered a life as a pro-ping pong player before he found his calling in full-time ministry.

Jordan Carson - Music Director

Originally from Piedmont SC, he named his former Worship Pastor, Danny Knight, as the most influential person in his life.

“I’m motivated by the thought that I get to help facilitate other people’s encounter’s with Christ! Seeing lives touched and watching people experience a glimpse of heaven through worship; I identify with the THC Core Values of Excellence and God’s Presence. I strive to do everything in Excellence; it’s fulling to me to see our team’s hard work pay off when we have moments of worship where you can feel God’s presence in the atmosphere.”

 Jordan is a Police Officer with the City of Simpsonville Police Department. He and his wife, Courtney, have one dog named Ellie, a Mountain Cur mix.

 Adam Layne Fisher - Worship Pastor

Adam grew up in Travelers Rest SC, and calls his guitars his pets. “They’re always there for me when I’m in need and they don’t make messes.” In his professional life, Adam is an IT pro and a musician.

Adam and his wife Megan have three children, Evelyn, Nolan and Baby Fisher (due July 2019). “Megan is the most influential person in my life. We were married at 22 and 19 (her) and we’ve grown up together. She’s seen me through the darkest lows and highest highs. She cuts through all the fluff to get to the heart of the matter. She pursues honesty and integrity and she loves with an intensity I’ve never seen in anyone else. I can’t imagine a life without her in it, driving me towards great things in Christ.”

Generosity is the Core Value that Adam identifies with the greatest. “…the rarest form of generosity is ‘attention’”. When asked what scares you the most, he responded “Clapping on 1 and 3.”

 Pamela Barber - Guest & Volunteer Director

Professionally, she’s an errand-runner, a business owner, a public relations and marketing guru, a professional organizer, and an executive assistant. “I get the opportunity to use all that working at Take Heart Church!”

 “People motivate me. I love being around positive people, making new friends and seeing new places. Anything but the cliché and boring! I identify most closely with the THC Core Value of Community. People and finding community are what propel me forward each day. I despise isolation and believe everyone should ‘find their people’. I’m thankful I’ve found mine at Take Heart Church!”

 Pam grew up in the Rochester NY area, and relocated to Greenville in 2015. Her favorite season is Spring. “There’s so much new life, color, and everything is beginning again.” Pamela is married to Mike Barber, THC’s Operation Pastor. They have three girls, Madeline, Chloe, and Hailey. They have two dogs – one who smiles and one who sighs with an attitude – and they have their own Instagram account.

 David Cooper - Children’s Pastor

He and his wife, Melissa, have two sons, Cameron and Caelan; In his ‘day job’ David owns his art studio, called “The Sequential Samurai”, where he does everything from comic books to graphic design, and all things creative.

 “I have several influences in my life who have really challenged and inspired me, but two really stand out. One of my favorites is comic book legend, writer and creator, Stan Lee, who once told me that no dream worth having is easy. Pursue the impossible and never give up. But, the greatest influence in my life is my dad, who introduced me to Christ and always tries to set a good example for me.”

 David most closely identifies with the THC Core Vale of Vision. As a creative, he considers himself to a visionary, often pursuing the bigger picture. He’s not scared easily, but has a self-proclaimed deep/admirable respect for spiders.

 Melissa Cooper - Children’s Ministry Leader.

She is married to Pastor David, the Children’s Pastor, and you will find them working together with Take Heart’s children each week. 

 Melissa is motivated by encouragement and the drive to succeed, specifically done with excellence; she most closely identifies with the Community Core Value; Professionally, she is the Surgery and Imaging Scheduler for an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist in the Greenville area.

 “My Mother-in-Law is the most influential person in my life. She lives her life by example and is always there for me; She allows me to come to her when I need guidance and will lead me with Godly wisdom.”

 Melissa is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. She and Pastor David have been married for 25 years, spending the majority of their marriage in full-time ministry; they have two sons, Cameron and Caelan, who are actively involved with various volunteer roles at Take Heart Church. The Cooper family have a cat, Poppins, and a miniature long haired dachshund, Angel.

 Jennifer Morrison - Financial Administrator

She spends her days at “work” doing ministry and serving her family: Matt, her husband, and their two boys, ages 10 and 3. Jennifer is from SC, and grew up in the Pendleton/Anderson area.

Jennifer most identifies with the THC Core Values of Love and Community and it’s most apparent by what motivates her: family. She enjoys providing for them, supporting them, loving them and helping them grow – both spiritually and physically, in any way she can. Jennifer loves Summer (because of her strong dislike for cold weather and jackets) and Fall (because of the changing colors).

“The most influential person is my life is my mom. She is the most selfless and strong woman I know. She is always going out of her way to help others and I hope to be able to show my kids the same.”

 Mike Barber - Operations Pastor

He is married to Pamela, and they have three girls – Maddie, Chloe, and Hailey. Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Mike lived in NY for 17 years before transplanting to SC in 2015. His biggest fears are drowning and zombies.

 Mike is motivated by serving others, building things, and teaching/coaching on leadership principles and behaviors. He most closely identifies with the Take Heart Core Value of Excellence and always strives to bring your best and inspire others to do the same.

“My wife, Pamela, is the most influential person in my life. No matter how many books I’ve read or speakers I’ve listened too, she always gives me the best perspective and advice as I strive to grow and be a become a better person.”

In his professional life, Mike is a Leadership Coaching and Trainer, has worked in Contact Center Operations Management, and provides interior renovations. His favorite season is the fall - the temperature softens a bit, football starts up, and the chili starts to simmer!

 James Garlin - Creative Director

You’ll most often find him in his studio, working on video production, social media, or the Live Stream for Take Heart. He is married to Victoria, and they have three children: Leona, Gemma, and J.R. Originally from Upstate NY, James says nothing scares him. His favorite season is March Madness Basketball Season.

James most closely identifies with the Take Heart Core Value of Excellence, and is motivated by anything which requires an outside-the-box approach. “The most influential person in my life is my grandmother, Mary Garlin. She is the most spiritually, Biblically, and educationally sound person I’ve ever known.”

Professionally, James thrives on creative branding solutions for churches, non-profits, and businesses.

Victoria Garlin - Women’s Ministry Director

She is also known as Toree to many, and is married to ‘The’ James Garlin. They have three children: Leona, Gemma, and J.R.. Professionally, she takes care of her family full time.

Toree grew up on a ranch in central Texas, just north of Austin; She says giant squid scares her, but is most intimidated by not making the best decisions for her family, marriage, and ministry. She’s motived by knowing she can and does make a difference in other’s lives. She most closely identifies with two THC Core Values: Community and Love.

“My friend Evelyn has been one of the most influential people in my life. She has taught me to have grace and understanding for others no matter what their situation is; how to be real and vulnerable as a friend and as a ministry leader.”

Victoria’s favorite season here in SC is Spring, “because it’s not too hot or buggy yet and the blooming flowers make me happy!”